My hand was already on the phone ready to call a divorce lawyer…

We are the Boynton family. I was ready for a divorce lawyer. Our marriage was in serious trouble, and I saw divorce as the only way out. As I was about to make that call to the lawyer, Charles sent me a Facebook message with his phone number. I called the number, and Charles and I set up a time for breakfast together.

From a life of being abused . . . to being loved by people who care

I’m glad I called Charles and not the lawyer . . . because God is now restoring our marriage and bringing hope to our family. We had been at the Mission before, but we broke some of the rules. We were rude and did not appreciate all that was being offered to us. But by the grace of God and the goodness of the hearts of the people at Holland Rescue Mission, we have been allowed to return.

“If you had seen us before and compare what you see today, you would see an entirely different family.”

Our attitudes are different, and we now know how much we are blessed by being here. Charles is in the Life Applications program, and I am studying culinary arts. If you had seen us before and compare what you see today, you would see an entirely different family. We are even paying off past debts and saving money for an apartment. Once we leave the Mission, we don’t plan to return, except to pay our friends a visit . . . and once again to say thank you.

Thank you for keeping the doors of the Mission open for a family like ours

Our faith has never been stronger than it is today

Charles and I both thank you for everything you provide for us: the food, the clothing, the safe shelter, and the wonderful Christian environment for our daughter. Our faith has never been stronger and our relationship with each other has never been greater. We are thankful every day of the year for your kindness, but we’re especially grateful at this Easter season as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord. God bless you, and thank you for caring so much.

Charles and Phyllis Boynton