God is teaching me something that is transforming my life

My name is Anthony. When I look at my past, I see nothing but utter chaos. I was doing drugs, fighting with my ex-wife, had a daughter who died in her crib, while all the time I just stayed addicted. I needed help and I needed it fast. When I first came to Holland Rescue Mission I was ashamed of this place.

God is teaching me something that is transforming my life

Now, I realize I was really ashamed of myself. I went to church until about the fourth grade, but that was about it. I remember how my mom would give my brother and me marijuana for Christmas. That’s when we were in junior high. Not a great way to start a life. That was a long time ago, but what you do early in life has a ripple effect for a long time. And even though I needed help, I still didn’t want to come to the Mission. But I’m glad I’ve stuck it out, because without this place of rescue I’d either be dead or in prison. I refused to live on the streets, so those were my only two options: death or getting locked up.

I now have hope for a new life

I have so many people to thank that I hardly know where to start. But I do know your donations are making a world of difference in my life. Some people say the homeless don’t want to change.

“I remember how my mom would give my brother and me marijuana for Christmas.” 

That may be true for some, but not true for me. Every day, God is doing something to transform my life. When I go to chapel, I take in what I hear, and I do my best to put it into practice in my daily life. At this Easter season, I’m especially grateful that God is giving me a new life and hope for a better future.

Your friend,