I’m a runner, and I’ve been a runner all my life… until now.

My name is Candy. All my life, I’ve been a runner. I’ve run when things have been good, and I’ve run when things were bad. I ran from my husband, who verbally and sexually abused me. I ran from my pain, and ran into the terrible arms of meth. For 10 years, I was addicted. I was so high I would clean everything in sight . . . and then I would clean it again.

I’m a runner, and I’ve been a runner all my life . . . until now

“All my life, I was told I had no value. Rejection seemed to be my middle name”

As if that wasn’t enough, I would go over and clean my neighbor’s house. I remember the time I wrote a 46-page letter to someone who was in prison. I overdid everything, and was messed up big time. Then one day Jesus said, Candy, slow down, and no more running. I heard his voice and I came to Holland Rescue Mission. And even though I had been here many times before, I was still welcomed with open arms. I came here when I had no place else to go.

Thank you for keeping these doors open for me

All my life, I was told I had no value. Rejection seemed to be my middle name. But here at the Mission people remind me I have value. Every day I feel loved. Everything about Holland Rescue Mission is uplifting and positive. So for me, there’s no more running . . . except into the arms of Jesus who loves me and has forgiven me of my sins. I’m so grateful for my Christian counselors. I can go to them at any time with any question and they are there for me. And you are there for me also through your generous donations. I cannot thank you enough for keeping these doors open for me. I will never be able to pay you back for your kindness, except to live a life that brings honor to my risen Lord. But maybe that’s the best payback of all.