Discovering God’s GRACE

“I believe everything is part of God’s plan. Everything happens for a reason.”

When Hacer came to the United States from her native country of Turkey 14 years ago, she never dreamed that one day she would be homeless.

Hacer’s ex-husband was in the military. They met while he was stationed in Turkey and he brought her to the U.S. But then they divorced, her husband got full custody of her four young children and she struggled to care for herself in her adopted homeland.

“It’s still a shock when I think about that… I can’t believe it. I’m not from here. I don’t know anybody. I don’t have any family – no home, no car, nothing. I’m just by myself,” Hacer says.

She was homeless for three years until a police officer told Hacer about Holland Rescue Mission and brought her into our care. Here, through your gifts, she was blessed with the essentials of safe shelter… nutritious meals… and everything she needed to feel comfortable and at home.

“The Mission gives you more than what you need. I have a roof. I have food. I love Jesus so much, I love my life. Everything is a miracle.”

Hacer was in such pain when she first got here that she refused to participate in chapel and used anger as a defense to keep anyone from getting too close. But then she was prescribed medication to control her bipolar disorder and accepted Christ into her heart, and her demeanor completely changed.

“I was a Muslim, but now I’m a Christian because I see Jesus loves me so much. I went to Lake Michigan to be baptized. No matter what I do, where I go, He helps me. He’s amazing.”

In addition to the spiritual transformation Hacer experienced, she  also found healing through counseling and supportive friendships. Her biggest wish is to get her life together and be reunited with her children.

This Christmas, as Hacer celebrates Christ’s birth for the very first time, she’ll also celebrate the joyous new life she found inside our doors… because of your kind compassion. “That’s why I believe Jesus loves me… because I have a different heart. Now my heart is more open to love, to happiness, to be positive and to be good.”