Dan’s Challenge: Finding the Strength to Live Clean

“Before I came to the Mission, I was completely lost. I didn’t have hope anymore.”

Dan's Challenge: Finding the Strength to Live Clean 1

Dan was raised in a loving home, with a father who was a pastor, but he turned away from God in his teens when he saw the hypocrisy in the church.

“By age 12 I didn’t want anything to do with God. At first it was just experimenting with drugs, but then it became a lifestyle.”

For years, Dan’s heroin addiction made him feel “on top of the world” – until reality came crashing in. “I lost everything – my house, car, wife, kids. I just didn’t want to live anymore.”

The drugs numbed him to everything going on around him, despite his homelessness. “I was living on the streets. My parents and friends shunned me. Nobody wanted anything to do with me.”

Then Dan’s girlfriend died of an overdose and it was a wake-up call to make a change. That’s when Dan decided to come to the Mission and turn back to God during his darkest hour.

“I was wasting my life away. I got to the point where I was finally willing to let my Lord and Savior take my life because I couldn’t do it on my own.”

Dan has found healing and peace in our care. In our Gateway Recovery & Work Training Program, he is learning how to live without drugs, and to rely on Jesus every step of the way.

“I used to have so much anxiety about life. Now I know that God loves me, and I can pretty much do anything if I give it to Him.”

“I was so lost and now I’m finally found. I want to just tell everybody that if I can do it, anybody can.”

Dan is restoring relationships with his family, and his ex-wife and children have been supportive of the changes he’s made. After graduation, he hopes to get trained in plumbing so he can find a job and support his family.

Today, Dan smiles when he says,“The Mission showed me a life I never thought I was going to have.”

YOU are the reason that men and women like Dan are no longer bound by their past challenges – and have discovered the joy that comes from Christ! “There’s a life that’s so much better. You just have to put the work in, and it’s well worth it.”