Interested in blessing one of our residents with Christmas gifts? Fill out this form (or click the button to the right) to sponsor a homeless man or woman in our programs by purchasing items from their Christmas list. *Expect to spend about $40–50 per person.

Return all unwrapped gifts in a plastic bag (leave the gift wrapping to us!), as well as your card. Return by December 9th to the Gateway Center Administration Office.


Gateway Center Administration Office

661 E 24th St, Suite 300, Holland, MI 49423

Hours: Mon-Thurs from 9am-5pm.


Gifts will be delivered to residents on Christmas morning.

Please call (616) 396-2200 with any questions!

Can I include extra items with my gifts?

While we appreciate the generosity and wanting our guests to feel extra loved this holiday season, we want all our guests to feel equally loved and valued. For this reason, we are asking that all the Adopt-a-Friend gifts contain the same items with no additional gifts added.

Do I have have to buy the items shown on the list?

Yes! When signing up, you are signing up to purchase the items shown on that list. We have separate lists for men and women. Our shelter staff carefully wrote the lists, knowing what our guests would love and appreciate.

Are the wish lists specific per person or general for everyone?

While the men and women lists are different, all the men will receive the same items and all the women will receive the same items. We want all our guests to feel equally loved and valued this holiday season. Plus, if I guest comes to us on Christmas Eve night, we will have a gift for them that is the same as those who have been staying with us longer.

Are there any options to purchase a gift for a child?

Thank you so much for thinking of those younger guests staying with us! We have had many people reach out already to will be providing gifts for the children and teens staying with us so that donation opportunity is full.

What size clothing should I buy?

Any size is good! We will make sure to get it to someone with that size. We do recommend a large or XL, not small or medium.

Can you give me more details on the Bike Reflector Kit for men?

Something like this is great!