Spring Garden Auction 2020 6

Event Cancelled!

Why is the 2020 Garden Auction cancelled?

There are many factors that played into this decision. But here is a summary of our main concerns:

  • Unable to maintain a safe social distancing during the meal.
  • Difficult to sanitize the bidding area between groups.
  • Potential risk of a second wave of COVID this fall.
  • We understand that COVID has had a negative affect on businesses due to the closures and limitations on how many customers they can service. The businesses who donate/sponsor and guests who attend the event have blessed the Holland Rescue Mission by supporting us over the years and we understand it may be hard for businesses and guests to support outside fundraising during this unexpected time.

What is the Holland Rescue Mission going to do without this fundraiser?

We are trusting God will provide! The Auction raises around $30,000 for the mission every year. If you are able to donate the price of the ticket to the Auction ($35), the amount you were planning on spending at the action, or any amount to the Holland Rescue Mission, we would be incredibly grateful!

I purchased a ticket for this year’s auction, what happens with that ticket?

For everyone who already purchased a ticket for the 2020 Auction, you will have the option to donate the money spent on the ticket to the mission or transfer the ticket to next year’s auction. We will be contacting you soon to see what you would like to do.