Emergency Shelter

Emergency Shelter Services

At Holland Rescue Mission, we understand that people don’t roll out of bed one morning and simply decide to live on the streets. For many, the process of homelessness was preceded by a gradual decline caused by abuse, addiction, mental illness, or other extreme circumstances.

But there are also many misperceptions about homelessness and what it looks like. It could be parents that are working but have lost their home. A teenager who goes to school but is afraid to let her friends see she sleeps in a car. Homelessness can happen to anyone at any time — it could be just one illness, accident, or layoff away.

Holland Rescue Mission has separate shelters — one for men and one to help meet the needs of women and children — we provide a warm, safe, loving environment.

The Emergency Shelter Program provides:

  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Clothing
  • Personal Case Management
  • Financial Accountability
  • Chapel Services
  • Employment Assistance
  • On-Site Daycare

Shelter for Women

Family Hope Ministry Center
356 Fairbanks Avenue
Holland, MI 49423
Emergency Shelter Phone: 616.928.3469

Shelter for Men

Men’s Ministry Center
166 South River Avenue
Holland, MI 49423
Emergency Shelter Phone: 616.928.3413

Gateway Program

Gateway Center
661 East 24th Street
Holland, MI 49423
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