Gateway Discipleship & Vocational Program

What is Gateway Discipleship and Vocational Program?

A 40-week faith-based discipleship and vocational training program for men and women who struggle with destructive life barriers such as drug and alcohol abuse, past criminal history, or continued homelessness.  Through a combination of classes, coaching, real-life work training and experience, Gateway provides the opportunity for men and women to proceed on a path to permanent Christ-centered transformation.

Benefits of the Program:

Community: Participants learn they are not alone in their journey, by building relationships with other students, program coaches and program staff.

Healthcare:  Participants will begin to address physical and mental health challenges.

Job Readiness:  Participants have the opportunity to earn credentials, build a vocational career path, learn to overcome potential employment obstacles, and discover opportunities for future employment.

Life Skills:  Participants will be instructed with classes on finance, conflict resolution, parenting, relationships, overcoming addictions, etc.

Education:  Participants will have help assessing their education and create opportunities to pursue continued education such as GED and National Career Readiness Certificate.

Biblical Teaching and Counseling:  Participants will learn how to anchor their lives in Biblical truth and experience the love of Christ through biblical counseling. This will give them tools to restore relationships and change behaviors and expectations.

Transitional Housing:  Participants are encouraged to meet with the housing coordinator toward the end of the program to explore transitional housing and/or go through the Transitional Development Program, which is a year-long work experience at Holland Rescue Mission.

Program Requirements:

Participants must:

  • Be open to the message of Christ
  • Be serious about change
  • Be mentally stable, able to cooperate and communicate with staff as well as students
  • Be relatively free of legal demands on their time*
  • Have applied for Medicaid and food assistance
  • Have a 30-day supply of prescribed meds
  • Be open to random drug screenings
  • Be able to climb a flight of stairs several times a day
  • Be able to stand on their feet for an hour or so at a time
  • Be physically able to do residential chores

*If participants have a legal demand on their time that will interfere with the time requirements of the program, program staff reserve the right to deny acceptance into the program.  If probation officers are willing to work with the program requirements, staff will accept the participant’s application for the program.

Additional Information

  • This program is unashamedly Christ-centered.
  • Women with children are welcome to participate in the program.
  • Holland Rescue Mission is not a medical detox facility.
  • This program is more than a substance-abuse program.
  • Following graduation, participants will have the opportunity to advance to Transitional Housing for a year and gain employment or participate in the Transitional Development Program, which offers a one-year work experience at the Holland Rescue Mission.