Our new name proclaims our vision to expand our services & reach more people with God’s loving care!

“We landed on the name Gateway Mission after many meetings, lots of praying and careful consideration. The term Gateway better captures what we hope to inspire within the hearts and lives of everyone who comes to the Mission – serving as a gateway to a whole new life here on earth and eternal life in the arms of a loving God.”

Darryl Bartlett, Executive Director

We are changing our name from Holland Rescue Mission to Gateway Mission.

This came about because we believe God has called us to serve as a gateway:

…to a whole new life, through Biblical counseling and accountability.

…to a more stable future, through education and job training.

…to a relationship with Jesus and the gift of eternal life.

Even though we’re moving away from the term Rescue in our name, we remain committed to offering an emergency response to those who are most vulnerable – providing food, shelter and basic needs.

Our vision for the future, as Gateway Mission, is to expand our services to reach more people throughout the West Michigan community. This vision includes:
  • Expanded businesses to provide revenue and training opportunities for our program participants.
  • More intentional program focus on Biblical addiction recovery that is open to the public.
  • Relocation of our current and additional housing to a larger ministry campus near the Gateway Center.

Thank you for partnering with us to be a gateway to better life for our homeless and hurting neighbors. We look forward to serving with you as Gateway Mission, and continuing to reach hurting people with God’s love!

Thank you for your heartfelt prayers and faithful support as we undergo this transition!