“I’m leaning on God and trying to be open to wherever He leads.”

Jada grew up in a broken home. Her parents divorced when she was two, and though her dad had custody, she was primarily raised by her grandparents.


The only time Jada saw her mother was on the weekends. But her mom wasn’t a good influence, and they didn’t have a healthy mother-daughter relationship. “My first time ever smoking marijuana was with my mom,” she says. “I’ve used drugs with her quite a few times over the course of my life.”

Jada left home when she was 16, and began working full-time to support herself. She dropped out of college after the first few weeks and worked at a bartending job for years – surrounded by drugs, alcohol and parties. When she left that environment and her abusive ex-husband, Jada and her son had nowhere to go. They lived in her car until she heard about the safe shelter at Holland Rescue Mission.

“I began to open my heart to the possibility of renewing my relationship with the Lord. Though I had a lot of anger, it was hard not to let God’s love wash over me with the welcome and compassion the Mission staff showed me.” Jada entered our Gateway Program, a work-based program that allowed her to still care for her son, and was delighted to be able to spend more time with him after years of conflicting schedules during her time working in bars.

“I accepted God’s love, and it freed me from the anger and hurt I’d been carrying for so long.”

Today, Jada has gained the confidence and courage to go back to college and get her degree in communications. After graduating Gateway, Jada and her son plan to enter our Transitional Housing Program for an extra year of support before they move out on their own. “My son is my priority, and I’m taking this time to reconnect and strengthen our bond as a family.”

This Easter, Jada and her son will be celebrating the beautiful new beginning in their life – made possible by your generous support. “Having God in my life has given me a peace and calm that has transformed me inside and out. Now the Mission is my family.”


“Now I know that I’m loved and have been forgiven.”

Lisa felt alone. She was raised by a single mom and was too scared to tell anyone her older brother was abusing her. When she tried drugs and alcohol at age 16, it brought relief.


She says, “I dated a boy who introduced me to pills, marijuana and alcohol. I felt better and thought, this is what I’ve been looking for – a way not to feel this pain.”

Lisa spent years struggling with addiction. One day, she realized, “I don’t have a home. I haven’t been able to hold down a job. I have no children. I’m running out of time. I’m tired. I don’t want to keep doing this.”

Then she heard about Holland Rescue Mission and decided to enter our Gateway Program to rebuild her life.

At the Mission, Lisa gave her heart to Christ and found the support she needs to stay clean and sober. “I spent so much time running from God. But now I’m trying not just to listen and read the Word, but to apply it to my life. God is really pushing me to do things that are uncomfortable but good for me.”

Lisa learned about managing her finances and other life skills through daily classes. She plans to go back to college and get her degree so she can pursue a career at a local Christian radio station.

“I feel like I’m at the edge of something really significant… like God’s just waiting for me to jump in.”

She also found an unexpected source of encouragement in her newfound faith – her mom. “We’re kind of in the same place as far as learning how to walk with God. It’s really cool to be able to share our experiences and what we’re seeing God do in our lives.” Thanks to the support of friends like you, Lisa is on the path to a better life – one filled with God’s grace and purpose. “It’s humbling to go to a homeless shelter. But coming here and hearing the women’s stories, I realize we’re all lost. It really can happen to anybody for any reason. Now I feel like I see the world differently, more through God’s eyes. I have hope.”

Discovering God’s GRACE

“I believe everything is part of God’s plan. Everything happens for a reason.”

When Hacer came to the United States from her native country of Turkey 14 years ago, she never dreamed that one day she would be homeless.

Hacer’s ex-husband was in the military. They met while he was stationed in Turkey and he brought her to the U.S. But then they divorced, her husband got full custody of her four young children and she struggled to care for herself in her adopted homeland.

“It’s still a shock when I think about that… I can’t believe it. I’m not from here. I don’t know anybody. I don’t have any family – no home, no car, nothing. I’m just by myself,” Hacer says.

She was homeless for three years until a police officer told Hacer about Holland Rescue Mission and brought her into our care. Here, through your gifts, she was blessed with the essentials of safe shelter… nutritious meals… and everything she needed to feel comfortable and at home.

“The Mission gives you more than what you need. I have a roof. I have food. I love Jesus so much, I love my life. Everything is a miracle.”

Hacer was in such pain when she first got here that she refused to participate in chapel and used anger as a defense to keep anyone from getting too close. But then she was prescribed medication to control her bipolar disorder and accepted Christ into her heart, and her demeanor completely changed.

“I was a Muslim, but now I’m a Christian because I see Jesus loves me so much. I went to Lake Michigan to be baptized. No matter what I do, where I go, He helps me. He’s amazing.”

In addition to the spiritual transformation Hacer experienced, she  also found healing through counseling and supportive friendships. Her biggest wish is to get her life together and be reunited with her children.

This Christmas, as Hacer celebrates Christ’s birth for the very first time, she’ll also celebrate the joyous new life she found inside our doors… because of your kind compassion. “That’s why I believe Jesus loves me… because I have a different heart. Now my heart is more open to love, to happiness, to be positive and to be good.”

My Coma Was My Wake-Up Call

I was looking forward to a career in baseball. But after I was drafted in the 27th round by the Cincinnati Reds, I soon tore my shoulder and became addicted to morphine. My baseball career came to an abrupt halt. Even though I had an incredible childhood, growing up in a middle-class home that taught me how to live life right, I turned my back on all of it.

Over the years, I suffered a lot of depression. I never tried to kill myself, but I wanted to die more than once. During that time, I also sold drugs. One day, when a drug deal went bad, I had to jump out of a fast-moving car. I lay in a coma for 64 days. And when it was over, I had to learn to walk, read, and write all over again. Talk about a wake-up call.

Since coming to Holland Rescue Mission to get the help I desperately needed, I’m finally allowing God to take control of my life. I’m making progress every day, thanks to the Mission’s Gateway Ministry Center. For the first time in years, I feel I have hope on my side. I never read the Bible in the past, but
now God’s Word is a key part of my life. In the past, it was just me and my shadow. I felt alone, with no one to talk to. Now all that’s changed and my life is taking a turn for the better.

I want to thank all of you who pray, volunteer, and donate to the Holland Rescue Mission. I am so grateful because of your care and generosity. I join my many friends here at the Mission in wishing you and your family a happy Easter.


Getting it right this time…Finally honest with myself

My name is Dawn. It was a 20-year marriage, but it was a troubled marriage, one filled with mental and physical abuse. And it drove me to
drink. Vodka became my companion. I started drinking just to relax. After all, I had excuses, right? The domestic abuse was terrible, my mother was on meds, I was having anxiety attacks, and I was overwhelmed trying to be super mom. But one drink became two, and then I
figured I needed another one . . . and so it went until it became a full-blown addiction.

With God’s help, I’ll stay the course this time around

Free for the First Time 1

The results of my drinking? I lost everything — my driver’s license, my house, and more jobs than I care to remember. My employers got tired of me calling in saying, “I’m sorry but I’m sick today.” When I was finally honest with myself, I had to admit I was doing a rotten job running my life. That’s when I decided to return to Holland Rescue Mission’s program, from which I’d graduated more than two years ago.
I hoped against hope I would learn my lesson this time and maintain a better relationship with God. I no longer wanted to fill that deep hole in my life with alcohol. All I can say is, so far so good.

It’s good to know I’m not doing this alone. God, my Christian counselors, and you who support this place of rescue are with me every day. I love to spend time in God’s Word, and I’m working hard on developing my relationship with my heavenly Father. Thank you for giving me a safe place — a good place — at this time of my life. It’s also great to be able to help in the thrift store here at the Gateway Center, where I’m able to use my many years of retail skills. When I meet Jesus in heaven one day, I’m simply going to thank Him for loving me. And I hope to hear him say to me, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”



Free for the First Time

My name is Karl. There was no stopping it. I just drank, drank, and drank . . . and then I drank some more. The police around here know me well, because I was picked up three times for public drinking and disorderly conduct. But I just kept drinking.

“Alcohol was destroying me drink by drink I lost everything many times”

Free for the First Time

Alcohol was destroying me drink by drink I lost everything many times — apartments, cars, and everything else that should have been important to me. A lot of people tried to help me over the years, but I never listened. I just didn’t want to stop drinking.

My life is finally turning in the right direction

It took a long time for me to see the light. When I finally realized alcohol was killing me, I came to Holland Rescue Mission. For the first time, my life is turning around.

Today, I know God loves me and that He forgives me. I’m no longer a slave to alcohol and a lifestyle that violated everything God wants for me. I’m free. I still have my problems, but now I have the One who is always there for me when I need help.

Someday, I hope I get the chance to talk to high school kids, so I can share with them the lessons I’ve learned: Booze is a lie and drinking is no path to a good life. If just one kid listened to me, it would be worth it.

I don’t know what I would do without Holland Rescue Mission and generous people like you who keep these doors open. Thank you for being obedient to Jesus when He says to reach out to people in need. I hope you and your family make it a great holiday season.


I thank you for your love & compassion…from the bottom of my heart

My name is Juana. I am an immigrant/refugee from Mexico. I know a lot is being said about immigrants these days, but I want you to know that I’m doing everything legal to stay in this country so I can make a better life for myself and children. But never thought I would be able to be in such a wonderful place like the Holland Rescue Mission. and the Gateway Center. I am learning so much here.


I am becoming more disciplined in my Christian faith, and I am waiting to see what God will do next in my life. I have many good friends here at the Mission. These are men and women who reach out to me, accept me and who want the best for my life. If I did not have the privilege of being here, I don’t know where I would be today. I just know it would be difficult.

I’m learning how to be a servant to others

The Mission may be a lot of things to a lot of people, but for me it’s an opportunity to be of service to others; to be a student, a volunteer, to learn more about the Bible and even how to write a resume for the day when I’m able to work full-time. The process is slow, but I’m doing everything legally and patiently, knowing God will take care of my family and me. I already have a job lined up teaching Spanish as soon as I get my work permit. Sometimes, I admit it’s hard to be patient, but I know in the long run God will give me what I need.

You and I may never meet, but I want you to know how much I appreciate your support. Thank you for reaching out to me during this holiday season.

I’m making progress on my long road to recovery

My name is Ken. Before I came to Holland Rescue Mission, my life was in shambles. I was homeless, and I figured I just needed a job. I now know what I needed was Jesus Christ. My former life was all about alcohol, pornography, women and money. It seemed like I committed every sin against God possible. One of my darkest moments was when, at age 13, I attacked my second cousin.

Because of what I did, I wanted to kill myself…and for a long time I kept cutting myself with razor blades. I had no answers to the problems that surrounded me. One thing is for sure: if I hadn’t come through the doors of Holland Rescue Mission and the Gateway Ministry Center, I know I would be back on the streets, making trouble, begging for good and having no life at all.

God is helping me forgive myself          

One of the greatest challenges for me is to forgive myself. It hasn’t been easy, and it’s not easy now. But I am making progress. The more I give every part of my life to Jesus, the more the sinful burdens of my past are being lifted from my shoulders. In my earlier, feeble attempt to put my life in order, I sampled ever religion imaginable. But non of those faiths game me the answers I needed to put my life in order. I think I was just eating “religious snack food,” when what I needed was to sit down at God’s table and enjoy a full course meal of His Truth. I now know God’s way is the only way I will ever make it in this world.”

I am excited about the Gateway Ministry Center. I’m doing well in the Bible classes, and I am also showing some exceptional mathematical skills. I’m not bragging. I’m just telling you how happy I am for where my life is today. Thank you for supporting me in my journey of recovery.

Your donations and Christian giving are giving us a home…Thank you for your kindness

We are Jon and Crystal. Our story is perhaps different than most. We are at the Mission because we had nowhere else to go. Through a variety of circumstances, our kids were taken away from us, and now we are fighting to get them back. Now that we’re here at Holland Rescue Mission, we feel we have a better chance of being reunited with our family.

Your donations and Christian giving are giving us a home...Thank you for your kindness

If you’re a parent or grandparent, you know how it would feel not to have those you love with you. We used to live in a nice house, and things were going pretty well for our family. But life caught up with us, and we are now reliant on the generosity of others.

We know our family will be together again soon

Jon is legally blind and totally deaf in one ear, but he enjoys singing, especially Gospel music. Whenever he sings, I can see how relaxed he becomes. I do know he misses his guitar, and hopefully he will get another one soon. People often ask me what it’s like to marry someone who is blind. I can just tell you when you love someone, even something like blindness doesn’t bother you. We love each other, and we love our kids. Not to have them with us is painful, but we know we will be together again soon. The Mission is great
for both of us in so many ways. In fact, I have even been taking a GED course, and by the time you read this, I should have a high school diploma.
I don’t have words to describe how much we appreciate what you do for
the Mission and for us specifically. You give us the clothes on our backs,
nourishing food and shelter that is safe. I wish we could pay you back for your
kindness, but right now all Jon and I can say is thank you.

“. . . when you love someone even something like blindness doesn’t bother you.”

Now when I see trouble coming my way…I know God is always there to help me

My name is Travis. I thank God I came to Holland Rescue Mission. I’m young,
but in some ways I’ve already lived many lives — most of them wrong. I’ve been to jail too many times. I was always on a drinking spree, a stealing spree, a pot-smoking spree and a deceiving spree. I’d lie to people who were nice to me, and I didn’t even care. I think most of my friends would say I’m a good person who just keeps making stupid decisions. I had a street mentality, eager to manipulate anybody to get my way. I was a con and an expert at trickery.

This Program is difficult…but I know I must complete it

Now when I see trouble coming my way...I know God is always there to help me 2

I tell you all this so you can see what God has to work with. And He is working in my life in ways I never thought possible. The program here at the Mission is difficult, but I know if I want to change, I have to stick with it. And I plan to do just that. Today, when I see trouble coming my way, I ask God to help me. Most people on the street don’t see a way out. Like me, they feel lost, with no one to reach out to them. I think I’m finally beginning to live my life with the right motives — and one of those motives is to reach out to others, just as you are reaching out to me. I want to thank you for all you do to give me good food, shelter, clothing and Christian counseling. You lift my spirits up, and that means a lot to me. Here at the Mission, I’m washing dishes, and I volunteer at other times to help prepare meals. Each time I see someone we serve, I am reminded of where I once was. I know I could easily backslide. That’s why I need a Savior. Every day.