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Holland Rescue Mission exists solely to help solve poverty, homelessness, addiction, unemployment, and other issues in our community. The only way we can do that is with God’s guidance and the caring support of committed friends.

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The Urban Ministry Institute

The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI) is a ministry training and research institution to help further the Kingdom of God. This program offers seminary-level instruction to help educate and equip leaders for the urban church, especially among the poor.

The Challenge

For most leaders in urban ministry, the idea of attending Bible college or seminary is virtually impossible. It is often too expensive, located too far away from their homes, and doesn’t relate to urban life and ministry.

Many people cannot leave their jobs or their churches to dedicate four years out of their lives for ministry training. Even if they could find a way to relocate, the cost of schooling is out of reach for many leaders in the urban community, or they may not be able to satisfy the academic requirements necessary for admission.

Having given up hope for pursuing further training, these dear leaders do the best they can. They are often working a full-time job while pastoring a church that desperately needs more of their time and attention.

Our Vision

When God wants to accomplish something great, He raises up a man or a woman whom He anoints, who can fulfill His covenant promise, and who will carry out His work. TUMI is established on this essential belief: God is raising up a new generation of Christ-centered servant leaders who are Biblically equipped, spiritually vital, and technically competent to accomplish His task of planting churches in the cities across America and the world.

Since TUMI was founded, we have sought to live out this vision, and to see God work through His chosen vessels who would launch pioneer urban church planting movements. Our vision is to identify and equip God’s anointed leaders who are called to plant and serve these churches.

Our Answer

In order to fulfill our purpose and vision, we design programs specifically tailored to be flexible, affordable, and adaptable for urban leaders and the churches where they live and minister.

You can adapt our programming for use in your church, neighborhood, and community immediately. These specifically designed resources focus on the central themes and issues that urban leaders and churches must understand and master in order to fulfill their God-given calling of serving Christ in the city.

Our Structure

The Urban Ministry Institute of Holland Rescue Mission provides seminary-level instruction through our 16-module curriculum with courses in Biblical Studies, Theology and Ethics, Christian Ministry, and Urban Mission.

Our courses cost less than 15% of traditional seminary or graduate school tuition. Students may take our courses in the evenings and on weekends, in small group classes, or through our independent studies program for maximum flexibility. All classes can be taken for credit towards our Certificate in Christian Leadership Studies.

Cost: $90/module

To Apply:
First, print out and complete these two forms.

Student Application
Pastor’s Reference

Then send your completed applications to:
166 S. River Avenue
Holland, MI 49423

For more information about TUMI and upcoming modules, please contact: Beaux Williams 616.928.3411